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Med-long Term Plans and Objectives

Using combined geophysical and geochemical approaches and geological survey under the guidance of geomechanics in petroleum discovery, the Division is dedicated to the development of an oil/gas centered energy evaluation system and oil/gas resource survey and researches on onshore basins and adjacent areas in China, exploring new target areas of oil/gas resources in China as well as overseas to provide a scientific basis for oil and gas exploration, significant decision-making on energy resource and sustainable development on energy resource for the goverment.

Research Strength

Researches on controlling effect of tectonic systems in central and eastern China on gas formation; researches on structural alteration and preservation of marine oil and gas; investigation and evaluation on the basin-forming process of a large onshore basin and oil and gas resource; rock property testing and 4D mechanical modelling in the oilfield development; the basin-forming process of large basins and multiple energy resource forming rules in western China; application of the natural seismic tomography technology via micro-seismic array network in new target area exploration.

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