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The Field of Energy Geology

Established in 1950s, the Division was known as the “Oil and gas Research Team” and turned into the Division of Energy Geology in 1984.  Rather than limited in the petroleum field, the Division is now engaged in a wide range of researches on petroleum, coal, uranium and other energy-bearing mineral resources.  A large number of professional personnel took their training in the Division and play an active role in different universities and other research institutions.  The Division is currently composed of 4 research professors, 2 associate research professors, 3 assistant research professors, 1 engineer, 2 PhD students, and 2 Master’s students, an energetic research team on strategic energy resources.

Since 2000, the Division has completed more than 20 of nation-, province-, and/or ministry-funded projects (e.g. 973 Program and Natural Science Foundation).  The Division has conducted basin analysis, stress field analysis on oilfields and prediction and evaluation on onshore petroleum resource potential both in western China: the Tarim Basin, the Qaidam Basin, Junggar Basin, Sichuan Basin and eastern China: the Bohai Bay Basin and continental shelf in northern South China Sea.  The Division had made a considerate contribution to strategic survey on global oil and gas resources.  By far, more than 100 research papers have been published and the Division was awarded one second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress, one second prize and three third prizes of the Scientific and Technological Achievements of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. 

Technical Supporting System

1. Research methodology on basin structural system

2. Research methodology on Paleo-tectonics

3. Research and evaluation on fault of oilfields

4. Core geomagnetic orientation technology, prediction and quantitative research on low-permeability reservoir fractures

5. Evaluations on relationship between gas migration-accumulation and the stress field, strain field, and thermol field
    of faults

6. Comprehensive evaluation on oil-gas exploration zone

7. High-tech oilfield stress measurement and stress field numerical simulation and physical simulation

8. Supporting technologies and software development  on stress field numerical simulation and fracture evaluation

9. The application technology of crustal stress in the oil and gas exploration

10. Natural seismic tomography technology of micro-seismic array networks

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