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The Field of the Fundamental Geological Research

The Division is engaged in researches on regional geology, structural geology, geomechanics, petrology, geochemistry, and geophysics, a field-based group covering a wide range of the basic geological fields and subjects.  The Division is designated for scientific and technological development and providing support for the usage and protection of resources and environment for the Institute of Geomechanics.

The Division is composed of 20 full-time researchers: 6 research professors, 7 associate research professors (including senior engineers), and 7 assistant research professors (including engineers). In recent years, the division completed a number of nation-,province-, and/or ministry-funded projects, published a large number of papers and received the corresponding awards. The Division owns the ESR Geochronology Laboratory and X-ray Petrofabric Analysis Laboratory, providing technical support for the research on structural geology, geomechanics and neotectonics.

Main Research Interests

The Division focuses on the tectonic evolution of Phanerozoic orogenic belts in mainland China (including Antarctica).  The mission of the Division is to develop fundamental geological theories and provides basic support for resource exploration and environmental protection through researches on the deformation, phase transition and the dynamic mechanism of orogenic processes, using geological mapping, geochemistry, and geophysics approaches.

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