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A Workshop on Neotectonics and Geohazards Held in Chengdu, China
2016/12/26 10:08:27

On Sep.10, 2009, a workshop on Neotectonics and Geohazards, organized by the Comission24, was held in Chengdu, China. This activity was one of the important sessions of the International Symposium on Geological Engineering Problems in Major Construction Projects in combination with the 7th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG (Sep.9~11, 2009).

Prof. Fred Baynes, the current president of IAEG, Prof. Niek Rengers, the immediate past president of IAEG, and Dr. Sebastien Dupray, the Secretary General of IAEG, as well as Dr. Wu Fa-quan, Dr. Yin Yue-ping and other experts from more than 10 countries including Australia, Netherland, UK, Russia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Japan, Korea, France, and China etc., attended the workshop.

Symposium scene

Dr. YIN Yue-ping, the Chairman of C24, extended a warm welcome to representatives. He pointed out that although much research concerning on neotectonics and geohazards had been achieved, a great number of scientific issues, especially for the close relationship between neotectonics and geohazards occurred in Wenchuan earthquake, were still urgently needed to be solved. And he said that the current situation was both an opportunity and a challenge, experts from different countries should join hands together for a brighter future of the science and technology development on neotectonics and geohazards. Dr. ZHANG Yong-shuang, the Secretary of C24, briefly summarized the work, the membership development, and the academic activities over the past year, focusing on the future development plans and activities of C24.

Prof. Fred Baynes, the current President of IAEG, gave a full affirmation on the current work of C24. He said that C24 had organized diverse academic activities with outstanding features and played an important role on the promotion of neotectonics and geohazards studies. He suggested that C24 should further play its role on organization and communication so as to make greater contributions to promote the international exchanges and research level; at the same time, he put forward constructive opinions on the composition of core members and link members of all continents for C24.

Prof. Niek Rengers, the immediate past president of IAEG, and Mr. Sebastien Dupray, Secretary-General of IAEG, put forward very good suggestions for enhancing C24 advocacy and academic exchanges by using the International website. Other experts from different countries also offered advices on long-term development of C24 and had a full discussion. It was agreed that on the 11th IAEG International Congress held in 2010, Auckland, New Zealand, the special session on Neotectonics and Geohazards should be organized, the thematic reports of experts from representative national and regional should be invited, and the achievements should be propagandized and summarized, as well as the experiences be exchanged.

Prof. Huabin Wang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Prof. Hengxing Lan from the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences were invited to give academic reports on the key technology for assessing and monitoring China's active tectonics and geo-hazards, respectively.

The work team of Commision 24 hopes more Researchers, students as well as teachers, and other professionals, who are interested in Neotectonics and geohazards, join them, and make the Comission 24 active and attractive.

 Group photo of some participants

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