The opened part of Li Siguang(J.S.LEE) Memorial Hall consists of three exhibition rooms. These three exhibition rooms faithfully record Li Siguang ’s(J.S.LEE ’s)glorious history when he devoted himself to the motherland, the people and the science for life.



    Exhibition Room 1

    Exhibition Room 1 displays Li Siguang ’s(J.S.LEE ’s)warrants for important leading posts after the establishment of P.R.C., some manuscripts, posthumous works and relics, pictures taken when meeting the first generation Party and State leaders or accompanying them for field geological investigations, and articles showing warm praises received from the second and third generation Party and State leaders like Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zeming. In addition, important events in Li Siguang ’s(J.S.LEE ’s)life and his ambitions and dedication to the great patriotic movement in his youth are briefly introduced in this exhibition room.


    Exhibition Room 2

    Exhibition Room 2 is a former office for Li Siguang(J.S.LEE), where a large number of specimens of the Quaternary glacial sediments are displayed. Among them, striated pebbles are dominant, with some specimens of boulder clay and varve. Most of these specimens were collected by Li Siguang(J.S.LEE). Some of his works and books he had read are also displayed in this exhibition room. In addition, Li Siguang’s(J.S.LEE’s)outstanding contributions to the national economic constructions in the field of seismic geology, glacial geology, geothermal geology, geo-stress, paleomagnetism, etc. are also introduced in this exhibition room.


    Exhibition Room 3

     Exhibition Room 3 is where Li Siguang(J.S.LEE) held meetings and listened to reports. When the wooden partition wall is opened between Exhibition Room 2 and 3, there comes a classroom for Geomechanics- teaching and science and technology cadres training. Not only some specimens of tectonics, minerals and Ting family fossils but also some of his works and books he had read are displayed in this exhibition room. In addition, in this exhibition room, it is also exhibited that, when China was in urgent need of strategic mineral resources such as petroleum and uranium, for construction, Li Siguang(J.S.LEE) organized geological teams for petroleum and uranium with confidence, and by adopting the theory of rock and ore controlling in different tectonic types in the tectonic systems of geomechanics, Li Siguang(J.S.LEE) pointed out the directions for ore-prospecting and the areas and locations with potential mineral concentration and distribution, and strategically deployed for exploitation; with his indelible merits, China’s oil supply became sufficient and the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb were successfully developed in China.