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The Geohazard Monitoring and Warning Laboratory

The Geohazard Monitoring and Warning Laboratory is one of the Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Neotectonics and Geohazards. The mission of the lab is to conduct the monitoring and warning of geohazards (landslide, debris flow, and surface sinking), and on the active faults. The Laboratory is equipped with advanced devices including 4 sets of high-precision GPS (Trimble 5800), 2 total stations (Leica 2003), automatic rain gauge, portable borehole deflectometers, automatic record, control and transmission alarm of monitoring stations, 3D laser scanners, nuclear magnetic resonance sounders, crack alarms and etc. Through research projects Detailed investigation of geohazards in Baoji City supported by China Geological Survey and Major landslide monitoring and warning research in Baoji City by the Institute of Geomechanics, the Laboratory monitored 6 major landslides in Baoji City with GPS, total stations, automatic rain gauges and other equipments and obtained a number of valuable monitoring data, providing strong technical support for disaster prevention and reduction.

 The osmometer  The readout instrument


 The deflectometers

 The rain gauge


Measuring terraces with total stations.  The total station used to measure landslides


 The GPS used to measure landslides.  GPS in operation.


 3D laser scanner  NMR sounder


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