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The Remote-sensing Application Technology Laboratory 

The Remote-sensing Application Technology Laboratory, established in 1977, is one of the first units engaged in researches on remote sensing application technology in geosciences of the Ministry of Land and Resources. In mid 70s, in order to assist the project of revising the 1:2,500,000 geomechanical map, the Laboratory first offered the class of satellite image interpretation, commissioned by the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ministry, and compiled the first 1:2,500,000 interpretation map of major linear structures in China. It also provided a large number of MSS image data for national geology and mining units and trained a large number of remote sensing technicians. From 1980s to mid 90s, the Laboratory was mainly engaged in remote sensing technology application in the fields of engineering geology, mineral deposit geology, etc. as one of the "Open Laboratory of Geomechanics".


Leaders of the Bureau and the Institute visit lab researchers

Since the late 1990s, the Laboratory has been mainly engaged in remote sensing technology applicMajor scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Land and Resources for the 10th five-year planation on land use, engineering geology, environmental geology, geohazard and etc.,having conducted and participated in 9 provincial and ministerial level research projects and 5 on-going provincial and ministerial level scientific projects.  8 research reports and 12 papers have been submitted or published.  Among these projects, the "Remote sensing survey research on environmental pollutions caused by solid waste of mine tailings" was selected into the "Major scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Land and Resources for the 10th five-year plan " (see the right figure); "Active faults survey and geostress measurement along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway" was award the Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2006.

In the long-term research, the researchers established the remote sensing survey, monitoring, and evaluation technology system suitable for engineering geology, environmental geology, and geohazard using the advanced remote sensing data processing techniques and remote sensing information extraction methods developed at home and abroad for reference.

Researchers are carrying out a spectral test in the field

Researchers are conducting a field engineering geological survey

The researcher is giving a presentation in the academic conference

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