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The Quaternary Geology and Environment Laboratory

Major testing methods

Major testing methods include the particle size analysis and test, the magnetic susceptibility test, the organic chemical element test, and the carbonate content test.

BartingtonMS2 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter   Mastersizer2000 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer 
The instrument is one of the standard devices to measure the environmental magnetic susceptibility in the world, with the functions of lab and field usage, which is mainly used for the magnetic susceptibility testing on the sediment surface to obtain high- and low-frequency data.   The instrument is in full compliance with ISO13320 international standard on particle size analysis equipped with a genuine laser diffraction function, the fastest particle size analyzer with the widest single-span detection range, the lowest limit, and the best resolution in the world.  The instrument is mainly used for particle size test on loose sediments to gain the distribution data of the particle volume.


EA3000 Chemical Element Analyzer    CSC-1 Carbonate Content Analyzer
The instrument is mainly used for testing the element content including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur in geospecimen  and water samples to obtain the amount of organic matters and their ratios.   The instrument is mainly used for precise measurement of carbonate content in loose sediments.

The personnel of the Laboratory

The personnel of the laboratory is structured as follow: the Director of Quaternary Geology and Environment Research, the lab engineers, associate and assistant research fellows, and PhD and masters students. 

Laboratory research direction

The mission of the laboratory is to provide high-resolution and high-precision data for researches on the Quaternary geology, paleo-climate, paleo-environment, paleo-monsoon recovery, inversion, and reconstruction, and research on geohazard, offering new testing methods upon the need of other research groups of the institute.

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