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The Comprehensive Geophysical Laboratory

 The geophysical method is required for the investigations in active tectonics of covered areas, regional crustal stability assessment and etc.. Seismic exploration, electrical prospecting and radioactive prospecting are the primary means of geophysics. The Institute currently owns DZQ-24 high resolution seismograph, DZD-6-type multifunction DC resistivity meter and resistivity imaging system , the soil radon gas measuring instrument, and shallow drilling instrument.
The Laboratory has undertaken a large number of geophysical tasks for many years, and completed the project of "Geological disaster evaluation, active fault investigation, geostress measurement and engineering application along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway", conducted shallow seismic explorations within the range of 500 meters along Nanshankou - Tanggula (approximately 600 km) of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway with adoption of 24 geophysical instruments including seismograph and resistivity instrument. The total distance of the geophysical exploration reached 40,098 meters using different  methods.  The distribution characteristics (size, occurrence and activity) and their seismic activities were revealed through this project, which were presented in the 1:100,000 and 1:2000 engineering geological maps respectively.  Based on seismic reflection profiles and regional geological data, the Laboratory preliminarily analyzed the active characteristics, the amount of displacement, and activation time of the main faults; submitted the corresponding research report, playing a critical role in field survey of active faults.  Our geophysical equipments provided technical support for national key projects such as "Stability evaluation on the west route in South-West Water Diversion Project", "West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project", "Three Gorges Water Diversion Project" and etc.

DUK-2  resistivity imaging system FD-803 Gamma-ray detector
DZD-6 multifunction DC resistivity Meter DZQ-24 seismograph

The Ice-surface Seismiclines layout in Wenquan basin, Tanggula Pass

The DZD-6 multifunction DC resistivity Meter  was adopted
for the detection of active faults in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

The Yangbajing Langbuqu seismic reflection profiles
The fracture morphology with a depth of 10km and the near-surface
"Y"-shaped branch of granite shown in the seismic reflection profiles

Holocene active faults in the riverbed with the Wudaoliang
development discovered from radon measurements

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