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The Photoelasticity Laboratory

The Laboratory is mainly engaged in researches on the tectonic stress field and tectonic mechanics to recover the stress field shown in various structural styles and geological phenomena and reveal crustal deformation mechanism under given stress field; study related mechanical issues such as earthquakes, regional crustal stability, mining and engineering geology, and etc..
Photoelastic analysis is an experimental method of stress analysis with a combination of optical and elasticity mechanics, testing the optical effect under the similar load of an analog model made of photoelastic material on the photoelastic device to fulfill the stress analysis.

                    Photoelasticity Laboratory


Photoelastic isochromatic fringe graph

Main equipments and software

A Czech-made FMB-type photoelastic device, A Japanase-made PA-420-type photoelastic device (with universal material tester, 3D stress-freezing equipment, and thermostats), and computers.

The software
2D and 3D photoelastic experimental stress calculation program; elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity finite element program; geological and geographical information software system and etc..
These equipments and software can be used for 2D and 3D Photoelastic analog experiments with geological models of inhomogeneous medium, 2D and 3D finite element calculation, deformation grid simulation, deforming bubble simulation and the general conventional tests of material mechanics (tensile, compressive, shearing, bending, and twisting experiments). Meanwhile, the Laboratory carries out various geological data processing and image processing.

Recent research results

Photoelastic experimental
results of Beijing area
400kg isochromatic graph of stress
field of Luohu area in Shengzhen fault

400kg isochromatic graph of stress field of Luohu area in Shengzhen fault

Photoelastic experimental results of Bozhong area

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