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X-ray Petrofabric Analysis Laboratory

 Since 1960s, X-ray Petrofabric Analysis Laboratory has conducted analyses and researches on X-ray petrofabrics. During the last 40 years, the laboratory have made significant contributions to the X-ray petrofabric theories, methods and applications;14 papers and 1 monograph have bee published.  Additionally, the laboratory provided preferred orientation data on over 20 types of transparent and opaque minerals including quartz, calcite, mica, hematite and etc. for more than 80 institutions, such as China Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Peking University and China University of Geosciences. According to incomplete statistics, results from the laboratory have been adopted by more than 200 papers, monographs and research reports. The laboratory plays an active role in scientific research, production and teaching.
X-ray petrofabric methods are used to analyze common minerals, especially good for mineral preferred orientation in fine-grained rocks with single composition and uniform grain size. Currently, crystal-surface pole-figure method is the main approach; it has been widely used for analysis of stress style in rock deformation, combined with fabric analyses on deformation mechanism of rocks for accurate results.  The current model in use is D/MAX-3A.

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