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 The Key Laboratory of Neotectonics and Geohazards of the Ministry of Land and Resources

The Key Laboratory of Neotectonics and Geohazards of the Ministry of Land and Resources was established in 2007.The Laboratory focuses on neotectonics, tectonic stress field (including crustal stress measurement) and crustal stability; geological disasters and geological environment process, and geohazard predictions.The research interests of the Laboratory mainly are composed of the following five fields.

A. Researches on the neotectonics of the main tectonic zones in mainland China
The Laboratory carries out researches on neotectonics geometry, kinematics and dynamics in major tectonic zones of mainland China since the Cenozoic; researches on the impacts of active tectonics, regional deep crustal tectonics andthe tectonic stress field on earthquake and geohazards.

B. Researches on tectonic stress field
Researches on crustal stress field and current stress field measurement: Actively monitoring the current crustal stress field of active the major tectonic zones in mainland China, and conducting studies on the present crustal tectonic stress field with a combination of numerical and physical simulations  with crustal deformation observations, geophysical exploration and rock mechanic testing.

C. Research on geohazard assessment and management
With the support of RS, GIS, GPS and other technologies, the Laboratory focuses on active tracking and monitoring the initiation and evolution of the major geohazards and their impacts; carries out researches on the mechanism of chain disasters formation, the regional distribution and their trends, forecasting and assessment theories, and key technology development.  It also studies the quantitative evaluation of destruction and rapid risk, assessment of major geohazards and key emergency response technologies, as well as geohazards monitoring and warning systems.

D. Research on the neotectonics, crustal stability and geosafty of major national projects
The Laboratory is engaged in researches on regional crustal stability assessment of major national constructions and major cities, establishing  stability evaluation system, providing legal basis and standard for the national land planning and security of engineering construction.

E. Tectonic geomorphology and Quaternary geoenvironment
The Laboratory carries out researches on the variation of the environmental system of the Asian monsoon; conducts studies on the uplift process and mechanism as well as environmental effect of Tibetian Plateau since the Late Cenozoic, and discusses the controlling effect of neotectonics and climate change on the formation and evolution of China's mega water system.

Laboratory organization and staff
R & D staff: 56 people, including 28 professors, 13 associate professor, 15 assistant professors
Technical staff: 10 people, including 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers

Key Laboratory Test Unit
Present crustal stress Measurement and Crustal Stress Field Simulation Laboratory
Surface Deformation and Geohazard Monitoring and Warning Laboratory
Active Fault and Crustal Structure Laboratory
Tectonogeomorphology and Quaternary Geology Environmental Laboratory 

Crustal Stress Monitoring Field    Photoelastic Laboratory            
 Rock Mechanics and High-temperature
High-pressure Laboratory
 ESR Lab            
Photos of Soil Mechanics Lab            

 Geohazard Monitoring Laboratory
 (Field Monitoring Station)


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