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Research directions

The laboratory is aimed to focus on the development and application of paleomagnetism on the reconstruction of continental blocks in the geological times, the past environmental remodeling and geochronological dating of the strata. In order to resolve the major basic scientific problem on Earth Science, the innovative researches are conducted on many fields including magnetotectonics, magnetic stratigraphy, rock magnetism and environmental magnetism.

Recent research achievement

The Laboratory has been responsible for completing a large number of national and international cooperation research projects since 2000, which included the Outstanding Youth Fund of National Natural Science Foundation, key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, special research projects of Major Basic Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the cooperation projects of Sino-France Advanced Research Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology and etc.. The scientific research achievements on the current international hot debated issues, including the paleogeographic affinity between the Yangtze block and Gondwanaland, the apparent polar wander paths of main blocks in Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia, intra-continental deformation and tectonic evolution of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding blocks, the paleomagnetic dating of typical strata, have been carried out.

More than 100 peer-review papers have been published in the international geoscience journals by the researchers in the Laboratory. These journals include EPSL, JGR, QSR, Precambrian Research and G-cubed.

Research group, experimental conditions and equipments

The Laboratory currently has 7 permanent researchers, including 5 research fellows and 2 technicians, in which four researchers hold Ph.D. degree, one researcher got a project of "Outstanding Youth Foundation" of NSFC and two persons are selected in the list of the ministerial "100 Talents Plan". The Laboratory has carried out international cooperation researches and exchanges in a variety of ways with Japan, France, Norway and other countries, and important research achievements have been made. The Laboratory is equipped with high-precision paleomagnetic instruments and facilities, including US-made 2G-755 cryogenic magnetometer, TD-48 thermal demagnetizer, JR-6a digital spinner magnetometer and KLY-4S/CS-3 equipment of susceptibility. With these high-precision equipments available in the Geological Survey of China of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Laboratory provides a large number of services on the experimental studies of samples with great scientific significance, getting the basic data base for other research institutions and universities, which promotes the development of paleomagnetism in China.


    KLY-4S/CS-3 equipment
        Measurements of susceptibility,
        anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility,
        k-T thermomagnetic curve

    JR-6A digital spinner magnetometer

    2G-755 Cryogenic magnetometer

    TD-48 thermal demagnetizer

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