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The Institute of Geomechanics,CAGS is a national specialized scientific research institution. The CAGS is authorized to award doctoral and masters degrees in multiple fields. Currently the Institute of Geomechanics offers MD in seven majors and PHD in ive majors. In the years (1978-2010) following the reinstatement of the graduate program in 1978, 48 students have been awarded doctoral degree and 119 gained the masters’ degree; and 16 researchers completed their postdoctoral researches in the the Institute. Currently, there are 14 Ph.D. candidates, 27 masters’ candidates and 2 postdocs, with 20 doctoral and 24 MD advisors.

Doctor Advisors in the Institute of Geomechanics

Name Title Program
Kang Yuzhu Professor Structural Geology
Liao Chunting Professor Geological Engineering(Geotechnical Engineering)
Lǚ Guxian Professor Structural Geology
Jiang Fushu Professor Quaternary Geology
Wu Shuren Professor Geological Engineering
Zhang Yueqiao Professor Structural Geology
YANG Zhenyu Professor Geodetection and Information Technology, Geophysic
Liu Xiaochun Professor Petrology
Ma Yinsheng Professor Structural Geology
Hu Jianmin Professor Structural Geology
Tan Chengxuan Professor Geological Engineering
Wang Zongxiu Professor Structural Geology
Zhu Dagang Professor Quaternary Geology
Yin Yueping Professor Geological Engineering
Zhang Yongshuang Professor Geological Engineering
Chen Zhengle Professor Structural Geology
Meng Xiangang Professor Quaternary Geology


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