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Main research fields of the Institute of Geomechanics

1. Fundamental theoretical research of geomechanics

g1-2a.jpgOn the succession of Li Siguang’s systematic view of earth science and his thought of geological works and geomechanical researches based on “national demand and the requirement in coordinated development of economy and society”, with absorption of the latest research achievements of modern geosciences and the assistance of modern observation methods and research approaches, the Institute studies the kinematics and dynamics characteristics of Phanerozoic continental tectonics, with an emphasis on the Meso-Cenozoic 4D structural ormula researches of major tectonic units in mainland China, redefining the active tectonic system since Neogene and determining the deformation process and kinematics formula of the major tectonic units in mainland China, through the analysis and redefinition of various structural features and relations between geological effect and formation. It aims to explore the basic rule of intra-continental deformation and serve for the national resource and environmental works and social sustainable development.

2. Survey and evaluation on energy and mineral resources

With the advantage of geomechanics in finding oil - gas and mineral resources, based on surveys and a combination of geophysical and geochemical methods for a comprehensive study, the Institute analyzes dynamic mechanism as the basin-forming - hydrocarbon generation – reservoir-forming of petroliferous basins, identifies petroliferous basin evolution, oil - gas power-driven and transformation process and establishes the temporal and spatial relationships between a basin-forming and reservoir-forming process and the enrichment of various energy resources. The Institute has developed an energy evaluation system mainly with oil - gas resources to carry out investigations and researches on oil - gas resources of the main basins in China’s onshore and adjacent areas. It has also put forward the exploration directions of China's new oil - gas blocks and potential blocks, and actively conducted investigations and assessments of overseas oil - gas resources, so as to provide a scientific basis for the exploration arrangement of national oil and gas, energy decision-making and energy sustainable development.

With applications of geomechanical theories, methods and ore-field structure researches, the Institute aims to resolve critical theories and methods of geological prospecting to ensure the sustainable supply capacity of China's mineral resources. With adoption of multi-stage sequence of tectonic system and complex ore-controlling theoretical approach, the Institute is devoted to promoting a quantitative prediction of China's ore prediction and improving diagenesis and mineralization with the structural dynamic theory and methods, prediction and evaluation on their mineral resources.



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