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The Institute of Geomechanics, which has been founded by Professor Li Siguang, an excellent geologist in China, in 1956, is a commonweal geological research institution directly under the China Geology Survey Bureau, Ministry of Land and Resources. The Institute is mainly engaged in tectonics, continental dynamics, mineral resources, oil and gas resources, Quaternary geology and environment, as well as the survey and research on geological disasters.

1998-2008, the international cooperation projects mainly included:

Deputy Director Li Guishu investigated in Russia Yuzhny Ural in August, 2006

Deputy Secretary He Changhong visited mines in Canada

In 2009, Deputy Director Zhao Yue and Professor Davis of US University of Southern California carried out mutual exchanges with other 30 Chinese and foreign persons in Niuyingzi Basin On-site Sinemar of West Liaoning.

After the establishment of the Ministry of Land and Resources in 1998, the Institute continued to expand collaborative researches with University of California, Los Angeles in the US, Kobe University in Japan, Geophysical Research Institute in Paris of France and established a more stable long-term cooperative relationship. The Institute conducted many methods for experimental researches on thermal chronology, stable isotopes, Quaternary glacial chronology, and rock magnetic stratigraphy.

During the 10 years, the Institute sent personnel of more than 50 person-times to the other party to carry out collaborative researches, and 60 people-times participated in the International Geological Congress and various international academic conferences. The Institute received foreign experts and scholars to China for collaborative researches and investigation visits with a total of 87 person-times on 31 projects; both parties trained more than 20 graduate students, with visiting specialists hosting almost 30 seminars, which greatly enhanced scientific research ability and level of the Institute.

Bilateral cooperation projects mainly included:
The cooperation projects of Sino - US "Altyn Tagh fault system research", Sino-US "Typical demonstrated technology research of geological disaster control in hinterland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau", Sino-Franch "Research on paleomagnetism and geochemical characteristics of China new proterozoic ice accumulation", Sino - Central Asia "Mineral Resource Survey", as well as the Antarctic Gamburtsev subglacial mountains (AGAP) plan in International Polar Year and the Partnership Program of natural seismic network in Antarctic inland (POLONET).


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