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The innovation and development of geomechanics requires not only diligent practice, but also a wide range of international cooperation and academic exchanges. Since China’s reform and opening up, combined with international cooperation, the Institute has organized various seminars of different scales and achieved remarkable results.

    The Sixth National Geomechanics Academic Seminar

In 1986, the Institute held the first "Xiangshan International Geological Mechanics Seminar", and many experts from the United States, Britain, France, the former Soviet Union, Sweden and other countries attended the meeting for in-depth discussions with domestic counterparts.

In 1996, Academician Chen Qingxuan, Professor Cui Shengqin and US Professor Kutina organized and hosted the seminar of No. 5-7 subject team as "Geomechanics evaluation of the engineering stability (including IGCP250)" at 30th International Geological Congress.

After the establishment of the Ministry of Land and Resources in 1998, the Institute sent 60 person-times to participate in the International Geological Congress, as well as various international academic conferences (including the 31 th - 33 th International Geological Congress). In the meantime, the Institute received 87 person-times for visiting including Professor Yin An of University of California, Professor P.J.Barosh of the former State University of New York in the US, Professor Jean Besse of Geophysical Research Institute in Paris, France, Professor Y. Otofuji of Kobe University in Japan, Professor Schluchter of University of Bern, Switzerland, and held more than 20 seminars with visiting experts.

The 30th International Geological CongressProfessor Cheng Zhengle et al. investigated
the US San Andreas Fault with Professor Yin An.



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