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The Institute of Geomechanics, which has been founded by Professor Li Siguang, an excellent geologist in China, in 1956, is a commonweal geological research institution directly under the China Geology Survey Bureau, Ministry of Land and Resources. The Institute is mainly engaged in tectonics, continental dynamics, mineral resources, oil and gas resources, Quaternary geology and environment, as well as the survey and research on geological disasters.

Main research directions

With the innovation of geomechanics as the guidance, the Institute conducts new tectonic movement research, energy and mineral resources survey, crustal stability evaluation, survey and research on geological disasters and Quaternary geo-environment.

Basic information of personnel

Presently, the Institute of Geomechanics has 316 employees, among which 177 are in service and 139 retired. Research fellow Long Changxing is the Director at present. There are 108 scientific and technical personnel, 16 management personnel and 52 else. Among the scientific and technical personnel, 89 are senior technical personnel, 51 are research fellows (including senior engineers as professor), 38 are associate research fellows (including senior engineers, senior economists and senior accountants), and 64 obtains doctor’s degree while 32 obtains master’s degree. It is clear, the Institute has owned a well structured research team with renowned high-level personnel in China, as a strong support of the discipline of geomechanics.

Scientific research achievements

Since its foundation, the Institute of Geomechanics has taken into consideration China’s urgent requirements for national economic construction, conducted surveys and researches of geological science, and guided discoveries of many oilfields including Daqing Oilfield with geomechanical theories, having made significant contributions to the development of China's petroleum industry. The discovery of uranium deposits in north Guangdong laid a solid material foundation for the project of “Two Bombs and One Satellite". The Institute carried out works on the site selection and stability evaluation of national key projects including the Three Gorges Dam, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and etc.. Since 1978, nearly 100 achievements have been awarded by national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards. Geology and Oil-Gas Prediction of Qaidam Basin published by the Institute won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for Year 2000. The research fellows Liao Chunting and Cui Shengqin won the 7th and 9th Li Siguang Geological Science and Technology Award respectively.

Affiliated organizations

Geomechanics Professional Committee of Geological Society of China, Quaternary Glacier and Geology Professional Committee of Geological Society of China, Paleomagnetism Professional Committee of Geological Society of China, Geomechnics Branch of Beijing Geological Society, New Tectonic and Geological Disaster Special Committee of International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment.

Academic Journals

At present, the journal sponsored by the Institute is Journal of Geomechanics.

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